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An Oskar for Mankenberg

Mankenberg GmbH has been honoured with the Big Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation

For the sixteenth time the Oskar Patzelt Foundation has sponsored the competition "Big prize for medium-sized Enterprises" to find the best medium-sized companies for the year 2010.

The Oskar Patzelt Foundation is wholly committed to promoting a culture of entrepreneurial independence according to the motto "Healthy medium-sized businesses - strong economy - more jobs" and respect and concern as well as recognition of entrepreneurial activities and virtues.

Around 3,500 companies and associations throughout the entire Federal Republic of Germany were nominated by the end of the nomination period in January 2010, out of which 641 including Mankenberg were shortlisted by the Jury. A company can only by nominated by third parties, none of the companies is allowed to nominate itself.

Mankenberg's overall development in the course of the past years, the creation/securing of workplaces, modernization and innovation as well as commitment within the region met with a great response by the jury.
Medium-sized companies like Mankenberg rarely fill the front pages of major daily newspapers, but they rather work in the background showing motivation, entrepreneurial spirit and sense of responsibility. In statistical terms the medium-sized companies form the backbone of the German economy, in total they are the largest private employer and bear vital responsibility for the training of young people fulfilling an important function in the social arena.

The "Big Prize for medium-sized Enterprises" is awarded every year in twelve regions of competition, amongst others Berlin/Brandenburg, Lower Saxony/Bremen or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Mankenberg GmbH is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and has been rated by the Jury together with 16 other companies for the German region of Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg. In the end Mankenberg was awarded the prize after the company had already been voted as a finalist in 2009.

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