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Application: Process Water Pipe Network in a Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant

Mankenberg's Solution
DM RP115 DN 150

Description of the Plant
The machine parts within the flue gas desulphurisation plant of a coal-fired power station have to be flushed in intervals because halogenide residues (such as fluorides, chlorides, bromides, and iodides etc.) degrade the performance of the entire plant. Spray nozzles are used for this purpose.

Task of the Valve
During operation the process water pipe network furnishes 7 bar at a temperature of max. 50°C. The nozzles work with 2 bar.
The pressure reducing valve reduces the pressure from 7 bar to 2 bar for a flow rate of 180 m³/h.

Your Advantage

The DM RP115 is an economically priced valve with high performance and good regulating accuracy.


pilot operated control valve with strainer


Application: Pressure Reduction for Emergency Cooling Water/Fire Water Supply

Mankenberg's Solution
RP 814 DN 200

Description of the Plant
The pump storage power plant in Goldisthal/Thuringia utilises the difference in altitude of abt. 350 m between the upper and lower basin to generate energy or to compensate peak system loads. It is a 1060 MW underground hydroelectric power station. All the machines were installed subterraneously into a hollow space. In case of a failure of the electrical systems the hydrostatic water pressure from the upper basin is used for the emergency supply of cooling water and fire water (in case of a fire).

Task of the Valve
The valves reduce the hydrostatic pressure from abt. 35 bar to a pipe network pressure of 10 bar.
Two similar plants are operated in parallel. The necessary quantities of water require big inline valves. All the valves with a nominal width of more than DN 200 were designed to be of stainless steel.

Your Advantage

One-step pressure reduction with compact design and high performance.


pilot operated control valve for emergency cooling water/fire water supply (REA)


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