Mankenberg Spring Module

Easy Check – Adjusting Screw as a Function of Display


Function Control after Installation - With the adjusting screw being flush with the cone spindle, the stroke of the valve is visible on the adjusting screw. Thus the function of the installed valve can be controlled under operational conditions.


Compact Design


The valve installation height remains constant after the pressure range has been set or changed. Thus the valve can be easily incorpor ated into the pipe system.


Safety during Maintenance


Using a spring pack that rests at the spring cap will prevent tension when the spring cap is separated from the valve body. During disassembly the valve parts will not become dislodged in an uncontrolled way, even if the spring has not been released by mistake. Thus the valve ensures a particularly safe disassembly.


Easy Check – Adjusting Screw as a Function of Display


Additional Safety


Thanks to the O-ring seal of the adjusting screw and the connection of a so-called leakage line the valve is always hermetically sealed also in case of damage to the control element (diaphragm, piston or bellows). Thus the German rules for prevention of accidents (UVV) and the rules of the trade association BG for the handling of hazardous media are complied with.


Benefits are:

» Function control
» Constant installation height
» Particularly safe disassembly
» Set screw sealing and leakage line connection

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