Comparison of Manufacturing Techniques

A Wide Variety of Products for an Optimum Solution

– Deep-drawn Stainless Steel Valves, Valves made of Cast Steel and machined from Solid Material as well as Welded Constructions


Thanks to more than 30 years of experience we have become experts in the deepdrawing of stainless steel. The vast array and flexibility of deep-drawn stainless steel valves (High Grade) from Mankenberg are unique in the world.


Our high degree of vertical integration enables us to act flexibly in accordance with your specific needs. With our know-how and experience we also manufacture valves from deep-drawn titanium or seawaterresistant material.


Our product range is completed by valves from cast steel, from solid material or

welded constructions. For this purpose special materials such as Duplex steel or Hastelloy® are also used. This wide range allows for full flexibility and tailor-made solutions for your needs and the use of our valves in your special plant or machine.



High Grade
– Our Modular Construction System

Valves turned out of a Solid

» Complete range of deep-drawn control valves made of stainless steel
» Modular construction system unique in the world
» Special: fast and cost-optimised
» High pressure applications
» Aggressive media / corrosion resistance
» Special solutions

Valves in Welded Construction

Cast Valves

» Large nominal diameters
» Medium pressures
» High volume flows
» Valves with more than one control task / pilots
» High temperature applications



Comparison of Manufacturing Techniques


Comparison of Manufacturing Techniques


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