cut away model of a pressure regulater from the High Grade Pure series for hygienic applications

High Grade Pure

High Grade Pure - Optimised for Hygiene Applications

The High Grade Pure valves are particular products from our complete product range of deep-drawn stainless steel control valves. This assortment of products is based on a flexible and worldwide unique modular system of deep-drawn components made of stainless steel.
Compared to High Grade valves, the High Grade Pure valves distinguish themselves in their particular surface finish and their special construction form. The polished valves have been especially designed for use in hygiene applications, for example in the pharmaceutical industry, foodstuffs industry or clean room technology.


On the Safe Side with High Grade Pure
The proven properties of our High Grade Pure valves enhance the operational availability of your plant and reduce your costs on a long-term basis.
As an example, thanks to the construction form and the surface finish of the valves, the cleaning intervals for CIP/SIP cleaning procedures are extended. Simultaneously less energy is needed owing to the much reduced wall thickness.


High Grade Pure Products - Our Solution to your Benefit

Special surface finish

  • minimum contamination and tendency to sediment
  • extended cleaning intervals with less energy expenditure

Special construction form

  • virtually no dead pockets

FDA and USP Class VI elastomers

  • of PTFE, can be exposed to steam

Small, very lightweight and compact

  • facilitated and cost-effective installation

Corrosion-resistant by deep-drawn CrNiMo stainless steel

  • long operational life span compared to normal stainless steel
  • enhanced operating safety compared to cast valves

Sturdy and easy-to-maintain valve mechanism

  • long operational life span of the valve

Mankenberg clamp system

  • facilitated and cost-effective maintenance


Self-acting without auxiliary energy

  • extremely reliable and cost-effective

Flexible modular system of deep-drawn stainless steel components

  • a wide variety of connection types, e.g. aseptic flanges, TriClamps®
  • short delivery times
  • optimal price-performance ratio


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