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As of now, Mankenberg is a registered supplier at Achilles for the oil and gas industry in Norway and the United Kingdom. Achilles is a web-based ... more more
Industrial combustion processes and conventional fossil fuel energy generation produce unwanted residues in the incineration plant. Hence, all types ... more more
Crude oils and any derived petrochemical products form the basis of our modern comfort-oriented civilisation. The transport of such normally liquid ... more more
In the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries as well as in hospitals, cleanliness alone is not sufficient but special attention must be paid to ... more more
In oil fields the oil is not available as pure crude oil, which means that during oil extraction a mixture of oil and water or crude oil and sand is ... more more
Steam drying is an essential and important process stage in various industrial plants. The principle of steam drying is used amongst others for clean ... more more
The brine for the thermal water in many thermal baths is withdrawn from the ground in many different ways. In unprocessed condition it can seldom be ... more more
In September 52 persons from 32 countries came to Luebeck. Their destination: the three-yearly distributor meeting at Mankenberg. The German language ... more more
The semi-submersible offshore platform is located 150 km off the Brazilian coast and is considered to be one of the world’s biggest platforms. ... more more
A custom-made bleeding and venting valve: The EB 1.57 exhausts gas from plants or pipelines without requiring external energy. At operating pressure ... more more
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