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Safety valves are the ultimate protection device for tanks and pipelines. They prevent pressure limits being exceeded once all automatic control and monitoring equipment has failed.

SV 6 and SV 60 are spring-loaded full-stroke safety valves with tested components provided with flanged connection. SV 6 features a closed spring cap, SV 60 is provided with an open spring cap for better cooling of the spring.

Full lift safety valves open instantly up to maximum lift within a pressure rise of 5 %. Because of their instant opening they are used where suddenly larger flow volumes or fast pressure
rises may occur. They are mainly used for relieving pressure in vapours and gases.
Pressure rise:
above 1 bar set pressure:........5 % up to the max. valve lift;
below 1 bar set pressure: ........0.1 bar.

» Special version up to 300 °C

Operating instructions, know how and safety instructions must be observed. The pressure has always been indicated as overpressure.
We reserve the right to alter technical specifications without notice.

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