Float Valves / Float Valves for External Installation on Tanks

Float Valves for External Installation on Tanks


Float valves automatically control liquid levels in sealed or open (non-pressurised) tanks and vessels without requiring external energy. The float registers the liquid level and directly controls the valve via a lever. A change in the liquid level immediately results in a changed flow volume.

NV 71 is a pipeline valve for tank mounting complete with tank connecting flange for direct inlet/outlet. The valve cone can be fitted with a soft seal (up to 110 °C) or a metallic seal (up to 300 °C). The valve is supplied with a ball float type SC 3 fixed to the float bar.

When enquiring or ordering please quote the suffix letters given below:
Z = inlet. Valve closes when float rises
A = outlet. Valve closes when float drops
o = upward flow
u = downward flow
r = includes sealed spindle
example: float valve Z/o (inlet valve for vertical flow upwards)

» SC 3 ball float stainless steel
» Stainless steel construction – all components stainless steel
» Rubber or plastic coating for corrosive media
» Various seal materials suitable for your medium
» Special connections: ANSI or JIS flanges, other connections on request
» Special versions on request

Please state working pressure range when enquiring or ordering.

Operating instructions, know how and safety instructions must be observed. The pressure has always been indicated as overpressure.
We reserve the right to alter technical specifications without notice.

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